Freedom C2 | Access Control Point Command System

Free yourself from the PLC, with Freedom C2

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A PC based solution for Command & Control

The FreedomC2 ACP is a state of the art Access Control Point System that was developed to address the need for an integrated seamless system that combines, (AVBCS) Active Vehicle Barrier Control System, Building Access Control (ACES), Perimeter Protection (IDS), Wrong Way and Over Speed Protection (WW/OS) and CCTV / DVR, into a single platform, user friendly, stand alone or networkable system.

FreedomC2 vs. Traditional ACPCS systems

  • Lower cost solution – A single system Solution versus three to five independent systems
  • Single point of real time reporting – All systems seamlessly integrate into a single PC
  • Ease of installation
  • No mix matching hardware – whole system runs on a single panel style, no hardwiring PLC, TCU, Wrong way and Over Speed, Alarm system, Access control, and CCTV together.
  • Less wiring – system operates on a distributed process using TCPIP, RS485, and RS232 communications from point to point.
  • Decreased failure points – less connection points per unit with real time status and system health monitoring.
  • Lower Maintenance costs
  • User friendly – systems is password protected, Encrypted and login specific to what features can be accessed by who, reducing the chance for problems.
  • Reduced Space requirements – Less components with a smaller footprint.
  • Expandable – installation options of Access Control, CCTV, Wrong Way and Over Speed are as simple as a software update.


Literature, Specs & Product Data

Modular Design Options

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  • AVB Controls

    • Advanced PLC Logic
    • No complicated ladder logic
    • 496 supervised inputs
    • 424 Form C outputs
    • Programmable GUI interface for real time control
    • Available web interface for stand-alone applications
    • Single click Force Protection condition changes
    • Vehicle Tagging (counting)
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  • Access Controls

    • Supports 32 card readers per system 
    • Fully integrated personnel management database
    • Local & global linkage cause & effect scenario controls
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  • Wrong Way & Over Speed...

    • Doppler Radar support for Wrong way and Over Speed
    • Incorporates vehicle warning lights, message centers, wig-wag warning, & audible systems
    • On-screen graphical displays - analog speed,  digital speed & directional
    • CCTV speed overlay on video display of user designated camera
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  • CCTV / Video Management

    • Up to 32 IP and/or analog cameras per system
    • Motion, Time or Event based recording
    • Situational awareness on screen prompting
    • Event Capture
    • Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) control from viewing screen
    • 64 Fully customizable camera views 
    • Call an individual camera or cameras per event
    • On screen overlays of doppler radar units, access control attempts
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  • Mobile Management

    • Control & manage entire system from a tablet or PDA 
    • CCTV viewing
    • Access control validation
    • IDS event display
    • AVB control
    • Touchscreen tablet support
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  • Remote Management

    • Network Multiple locations for centralized management
    • Remote Alarm acknowledgement / Override control
    • Streaming video for remote viewing / recording
    • View live & recorded video from a secure encrypted network connection
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  • DIACAPP Certification

    • The Freedom system has gone through an 18 month Government certificate of net worthiness
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