Security Buildings & Guard Booths

Perimeter Protection

Guard Booths and Security Buildings are the core of perimeter security. Controlling and securing the access control point is vital for facility protection.

Start Tough

Each guard booth starts with quality construction. Our booths are built to withstand the elements and constant usage by security personnel. A fully galvanized steel framework and superior construction ensure your booth will be long-lasting even under the harshest external conditions. Internally, we use high quality hardware on doors, windows and other areas that must endure repeated use and abuse.

Armor Up

Our team of Booth & Building Experts will help you choose the right options to equip your booth, maximizing usability and protection. Whether you need ballistic options, increased external lighting or a transaction window we can outfit your booths with all of these and countless others.

Finish Strong

Our knowledge and experience ensures your guard booths will fully meet your facilities requirements. As the trusted security experts we can also assist you with all your other perimeter security needs, ensuring your entire project is successful.

More About Our Guard Booths

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    We Have Them All

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