PAS 68 Certified Bollards

Strengthen perimeter security with crash-test certified bollards capable of stopping a 16,534 lb truck traveling at 40 mph

Defender anti-ram security bollard

Ameristar's PAS 68 certified anti-ram security bollards combine an open, aesthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control.


  • Low operating & maintenance costs
  • Ideal for securing large perimeter entrances
  • Available in a variety of operating sets & formations
  • Flush with the roadway when retracted
K8 Crash Test Certified

This security bollard is K8 engineered, meaning it's capable of stopping a 15,000 lb medium-duty truck traveling at 40 mph.

Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are ideal for sites where footpath access is inconsistent. Retractable bollards are available in automatic and manual configurations.

Flush with the roadway when retracted, retractable bollards allow freedom of movement for pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Utilizing the highest cycle duties available, the automatic hydraulic rising bollards are an economical and effective way of securing any access point.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed security bollards don't limit pedestrian movement but they do provide excellent perimeter security.

When constant security and protection is required, choose Ameristar's fixed security bollards.

Shallow Mount options available with a 6" foundation depth.

Removable Bollards

In some areas repeated, express manual removal of security bollards is essential.

These bollards are easily removed using an internal locking mechanism and hidden lifting lug.

Shallow Mount options also available.


Click on any of these buttons to expand the informative infopanels.


Click on any of these buttons to expand the informative infopanels.

  • Standard Features

    All Models

    • Barrier-down position sensor
    • Bollard - powder coat finish
    • Weather proof HPU enclosure
    • HMI PLC & Programming
    • 2 HP Hydraulic Power Unit
    • 208-240 VAC / 60HZ / 3 Phase
    • Manual hand pump
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  • Shallow Mount Technology

    Shallow Mount Technology

    Did you know our shallow mount bollard requires an excavation of just 4 - 6" with no need for rebar? Shallow mount technology not only speeds up the installation, but also simplifies it by removing the need for rebar. That's an impressive feat considering most traditional bollard installations require deep excavations and extensive rebar cages. Shallow mount bollard installation also causes minimal site disruption and uses far less concrete.

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