Cityscape Gate

Crash Test Results
Crash Test Results

Anti-Ram Barrier Gate

Cityscape barrier gate is perfect for urban environments with a heavy amount of pedestrian traffic and an irregular need to allow vehicular access. The aesthetically appealing design blends well in urban areas, unlike most gates or barriers that have a bland industrial appearance.

The Cityscape gate can be installed using shallow mount technology and is lightweight, yet remarkably strong. Also, the Cityscape gate uses up to 70% less concrete than similar passive vehicle entry barriers on the market. This means a quicker and more cost effective installation with less maintenance requirements in the future.


Specification Quick Look

PAS 68: V/7500(N2)/64/90:1.09/2.40 Crash Test Certified

Gate Height: 49.5" | Road Coverage: 13 - 19.5 ft.

Bury: 18" | Foundation: 213” x 40”

Product Options
Standard Colors
  • Black powder coat

Custom Design Options

  • Custom painted
  • Stainless Steel
  • Reflective banding

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Cityscape Gate Crash Test