Barrier Arms

Anti-Ram Drop Arm Barrier

The barrier arm is a multi-purpose entry drop-arm that controls traffic while providing an anti-ram obstacle to protect from potential vehicular threats. We offer two different crash rated barrier arm options: the K12/L3 barrier arm and the M30/P1 barrier arm (also known as the M530).

The M530 has two successfully tested designs. The 22-foot barrier design does not require excavation across the roadway, whereas the 12-foot barrier design uses a shallow excavation across the roadway for a monolithic installation. The M530 barrier arm is also available in engineered design lengths to fit specific site requirements.


  • M30 Crash Test Certified (K4 Equivalent)
  • K12/L3 Crash Test Certified
  • Capable of spanning distances up to 22 feet
  • Shallow Mount Installation
  • Cost-effective vehicle access control solution
Specification Quick Look

M530 - M30 Crash Test Certified (12 ft.)

Arm Height: 2’ 8” | Barrier Arm Length: 12 ft.

Bury: 36” | Foundation: 60” x 60” for each end

F2656-15 Certified P1

M530 - M30 Crash Test Certified (22 ft.)

Arm Height: 2’ 8” | Barrier Arm Length: 22 ft.

Bury: 12” | Foundation: 72” wide, length determined by barrier length

F2656-15 Certified P1


Barrier Arm - K12/L3 Crash Test Certified

Barrier Arm Length: 12-22 ft. Available


Standard Features

  • Barrier arm lengths are available in 10, 14, 16, 18 & 20 ft., but are not crash tested.
  • 1 HP motor w/ brake
  • Housing & receiver - galvanized & painted yellow
  • Aluminum arm w/ white & yellow reflective striping
  • Dual channel loop detector
  • PLC with Color Touch Screen
  • 208-240v/1ph/60Hz Power
  • High/Low Voltage Circuit Protection
  • Selectable Loop Programming
  • Maintenance Operating Screen
  • 2 Programmable Inputs
  • 2 Programmable Outputs
  • Integrated Traffic Arm or Sliding Gate
  • 24vdc traffic light controls
  • Flasher Relay (for Barrier Option - Drop Arm LED Lights)
Standard Colors
  • Aluminum arm w/ white & yellow reflective striping
Product Options
Custom Design Options
  • Custom colors available
Optional Power
  • 208-240v/3ph/60Hz
  • 460-480v/3ph/60Hz
  • 230v/1ph/50Hz
  • 380-415v/3ph/50Hz

Control Options

  • Master Control Panel – Pushbutton
  • Remote Control Panel – Pushbutton
  • Master Control Panel – Touchscreen
  • Remote Control Panel - Touchscreen
  • Radio Controls


Additional Options

  • Integrated traffic light w/ mounting post
  • Strobe light w/ audible alarm
  • Single Channel Loop Detector Module
  • Battery Backup – Provides Reserve Cycles

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M530 Drop Arm Crash Test