Patriot Beam Barrier

Patriot becomes flush with roadway when lowered.
Patriot becomes flush with roadway when lowered.
Crash Test Results
Crash Test Results

Rising Beam Barrier

The Patriot® rising beam barrier drastically increases perimeter entry security. This security barrier has a rapid deployment rate and remains functional even after a crash, making it an excellent choice for high security access control.

The Patriot utilizes a hydraulically actuated structural beam that is recessed flush with the roadway when granting vehicle access. It also has a rapid rate of deployment between 3 and 5 seconds and a full guard height of 36". The crash beam barrier's primary excavation is outside the roadway opening, and minimal excavation is required across the roadway, which avoids most underground utilities and obstructions.


Specification Quick Look

K12 Crash Test Certified

Height: 36" | Road Coverage: 12 - 24 ft.

Bury: 69" | Foundation: 346” x 84” (for 24ft. barrier)

F2656-15 Certified

Product Options
Standard Colors
  • Black powder coat

Custom Design Options

  • Stainless steel
  • Custom color powder coating
  • Reflective banding

Additional Options

  • Traffic signal lights
  • Custom painted finish
  • Integrated traffic arm or sliding gate

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Patriot Barrier Crash Test