Sentinel Wedge Barrier

Flush with Roadway when Retracted
Flush with Roadway when Retracted
Wedge Barrier Crash Test Results
Wedge Barrier Crash Test Results

Vehicle Wedge Barrier

Ameristar's Sentinel® wedge barriers are designed for maximum perimeter entry security. The potential for an unauthorized vehicle to enter a secured location presents a real and everyday threat that must be addressed. Combat vehicular threats at your perimeter's entry point with the Sentinel wedge vehicle barrier.

The Sentinel® anti-ram vehicle barrier also features a full security guard height of 38" and is available in various widths. Plus, its shallow in-ground installation requires an excavation of only 19", allowing 12" for barrier height and 7" for the foundation pad. When installed, the unit is completely flush with the roadway surface, requiring no side pillars or above grade assemblies. In addition, the hydraulic operating cylinder is concealed behind a tamper-resistant panel.


Specification Quick Look

K12 Crash Test Certified

Deployed Height: 38" | Wedge Widths: 8', 10', 12' & 14'

Bury: 19" | Foundation: 138” x 188” (for 8ft. barrier)

Product Options
Standard Colors
  • Black powder coat

Custom Design Options

  • Custom color powder coating
  • Traffic signal lights
  • LED warning lights on front panel
  • Safety side covers

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Sentinel Barrier Overview