Bulwark Security Bollards

Crash Test-Array of 3
Crash Test-Array of 3
Crash Test-Single Bollard
Crash Test-Single Bollard
Crash Test-Array of 3
Crash Test-Array of 3

Security Shallow Mount Bollard

BULWARK® Security Bollards combine simplistic installation with ultimate anti-ram functionality. By utilizing the latest manufacturing design technologies, BULWARK brings the strongest protection available while meeting the standards you expect.

Tested to ASTM F2656-15 the single bollard fixed design of the BULWARK® M30 stops a 15,000lbs truck in less than 3 feet. Ameristar also successfully tested the BULWARK® M30 fixed bollard array, adding to the BULWARK® family a bollard set for simplistic consecutive bollard installations. Based on these successful designs Ameristar engineered both removable and fixed single bollard M50 & M30 versions. This extensive bollard offering allows the customer to find the right balance of security for any site.


  • M30/P1 & M30/P2 Crash Test Certified (K4 Equivalent)
  • M50/P1 Engineered System (K12 Equivalent)
  • Shallow Mount Installation
  • Single Bollard & 3 Bollard Array
  • Fixed & Removable options
Specification Quick Look

M30 Crash Test Certified

38” Height | 8.625" Diameter

13” Bury | 72" x 144" Foundation

F2656-15 Certified Single P1

F2656-15 Certified Array P2


M50 Engineered System

38” Height | 10.75" Diameter

14.5” Bury | 96" x 150" Foundation

Engineered Single P1

Product Options
Standard Colors
  • Black powder coat
  • Stainless Steel

Custom Design Options

  • Custom painted
  • Decorative sleeve
  • Reflective banding

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Bulwark Single Crash Test

Bulwark Array Crash Test