Titan Security Bollards

Automatic Retractable Security Bollard

Improve perimeter security with crash-test certified bollards capable of stopping a 15,000 lb truck traveling at 50 mph. Ameristar's Titan anti-ram retractable security bollards combine an open, aesthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control.

The Titan anti-ram retractable bollards, available in automatic, are excellent for sites where the pathway access changes often. When retracted, the Titan security bollards are flush with the roadway and provide free movement of pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Utilizing the highest cycle duties available, the Titan automatic hydraulic rising bollards are an economical and effective way of securing any entry point.


Specification Quick Look

K12 Crash Test Certified

38” Height | 10.75" Diameter

66” Bury | 112” x 72” Foundation

F2656-15 Certified Array of 3

Product Options

Standard Colors

  • Black powder coated
  • Stainless Steel

Custom Design Options

  • Custom color powder coating
  • Decorative sleeve
  • Reflective banding
Additional Options
  • Traffic signal lights
  • Integrated traffic arm or sliding gate

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Titan Crash Test