A row of fixed shallow mount anti-ram bollards separating the sidewalk and street
Shallow Mount Installation

The Ameristar Security Difference

Ameristar offers traditional shallow mounted products and ultra shallow mounted products that are ideal for locations that need the security of an anti-ram bollard but are limited to how far they can dig.

The need for an ultra shallow mount bollard arose from the difficulty and cost of having to excavate several feet beneath the surface. In a location where underground utilities prohibit installation (see image below) or at a location with stories beneath the surface, like an airport, an ultra shallow mount bollard may be the only option.

Ameristar's Ultra Shallow Mount Benefit

An anti-ram bollard can be installed with as little as 4 1/2" of foundation and 6" bury.

Cost savings include:

  • Underground utility diversion costs
  • Installation time is about one fourth of a traditional bollard install
  • Disruption is kept to a minimum (less plant machinery, noise, air pollution and labor)

Additional benefits of a shallow mount installation:

  • Can be easily removed to facilitate access to underground services and can then re-installed
  • Design offers a high level of integrity to shallow angle attacks 
  • Installation uses less than 25% of the concrete employed in a traditional foundation, making it the greener solution
  • Straight forward to avoid sidewalk obstructions such as man holes and light poles and fire hydrants.