Surface Guard Temporary Barrier

Surface Guard System Components
Surface Guard System Components
10 Units Stacked for Storage
10 Units Stacked for Storage

Fixed Surface Mounted and Crash Rated Barrier System

The Surface Guard barrier system is the preferred choice for temporary event protection. Large events create targets for senseless acts of violence. Easily deploy the entire system in 20 minutes and provide anti-crash security at any event. The Surface Guard barricades protect event goers from accidental or targeted vehicular attacks and allow for pedestrian traffic to flow seamlessly through the barricade wedges.

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  • IWA14 Crash Test Certified to a 5,500 pound vehicle travelling at 30 mph
  • IWA14 Crash Test Certified to a 15,500 pound vehicle travelling at 20 mph
  • Mounts on top of roadway for easy deployment and removal
  • Ideal for temporary event protection
  • Small storage footprint
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Allows for pedestrian traffic flow
Specification Quick Look

IWA14 Crash Test Certified

Single Unit Size: 4.6' x 3.9' | Road Coverage: 10 units cover 32.8 ft.

Guard Height Above Ground: 2.3 ft.

Storage: 10 units stack to 5' x 5' cube

Product Options
Standard Colors
  • Dark gray durable polyethylene covers

Custom Design Options

  • Covers can be vinyl wrapped for branding

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Surface Guard Crash Test

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